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The Rookie Report: Lessons Learned from the 2019 World’s Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

For the benefit of all those up and coming curlers from rookie or still emerging nations with World-class and Olympian-level dreams, in this report I cover how we rookies fared, what we learned, and what you’re up against in the Qualifier Event. This rookie report is written with the benefit of hindsight and informed by generous commentary from players of the other rookie countries that participated in the 2019 WMDCC. While the report is written with mixed doubles in mind many of the lessons are applicable to new teams playing in other WCF championships for the first time. Read More

Curling Chronicles: Black Coffee at a Seattle Bus Stop

Black Coffee at a Seattle Bus Stop I woke up thinking about Ethiopians in Seattle. In the past weekends of shuttling back and forth between San Francisco International Airport and SeaTac, I noticed elder Ethiopian women wrapped in their white netela. They often occupied a strong spatial presence on the Link train and E line Read More