I started curling in 2010 in Oakland, CA as a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club, mostly socially, but at times, competitively. In 2019, I was given a unique opportunity to represent my country of birth, Mexico, at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Stavanger, Norway. Since then, I’ve been on a steep learning curve to become a better curler, teammate and sportswoman, and contribute to inclusion and diversity in the sport.

Home club: San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club

Other clubs: Lake Tahoe Epic Curling, Silicon Valley Curling Club and Southern California Curling Center.

Competitive experience

2020 World Qualifying Event, Women’s (Mexico), Lohja, Finland

2019 Americas Challenge, Women’s (Mexico), Eveleth, Minnesota

2019 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, (Mexico) Stavanger, Norway


Podcast: The Whole Spiel. Dean Gemmell. So they’re curling in Oakland…, Jul. 2022

It’s been a long and sometimes complicated journey, but there is a curling-specific facility in the Bay Area. On this episode, we’re joined by two of the people who led the charge—Kate Garfinkel and Adriana Camarena—to talk about how things are going, their upcoming grand opening, and how they are working to weave the curling club into the fabric of the community.

Podcast: How curlers are trying to make their sport more inclusive, Jan. 2022

NBC. My New Favorite Olympian. “Curling stars: It is time to diversify the sport.” Olympic champion John Shuster, Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis, USA Curling’s Monica Walker and other curling enthusiasts are teaming up to create pathways to diversify the sport. Hear from: John Shuster (Two-time Olympic curling medalist), Vernon Davis (Super Bowl champion), Monica Walker (USA Curling national team), Sara Carlsson (Swedish curler), Adriana Camarena (Mexican curler), Dr. Rich Norman (DEI expert), Deb Martin (co-creator of USA Curling’s Ice Breakers program)

Newsletter. Adriana Camarena, Fan of the month, Curler Outreach Program Newsletter, November 2020

Podcast: Rocks Across the Pond. Ep54: Take This Hammer – Making Our Community More Inclusive, June 2020
Podcast. Rocks Across the Pond. Ep42: Mexico’s Curling Dream with Adriana Camarena, December 2019

Meet the Women’s Mexico Curling Team, 2022-2023 season