Month: January 2014

Homicides in the Mission (2008-2013)

Homicides In The Mission (2008), Stats Part I Youth homicide is the leading cause of death among youth ages 15-24 in San Francisco. The year that Adriana Camarena arrived to the Mission (2008), 19 people were killed in the Mission, primarily with use of firearms: Name Age Date of Incident Aproximate Location Justin Lee 40 Read More

La Llorona: The Twelve Evictions (Essay)

The First Eviction: Memory Once upon a time, long before the Mission was El Barrio and a hipster incubator, it was simply a watershed.  From the twin mounds to the west, a myriad of rivulets and creeks tumbled into the crevices below.  The most robust creek coursed east towards the middle of the valley, engorging Read More