Campfire: LisaRuth Elliot

LisaRuth is a community historian, artist, bread baker, urban farmer, writer, editor, everyday bicyclist, activist, and San Francisco resident of 18 years.  Her adult, professional, and creative life has been shaped and inspired by the magic of this city and the communities it has supported, as well as by stints living elsewhere for study, work, volunteerism, disaster relief following natural disasters, and self-cultivation.

LisaRuth lived on 1668 Page Street for 3 and 1/2 years, until her Ellis Act eviction. In trying to find a new place in the City, she drifts waif-like among the homes of friends, who still represent the possible, if vanishing, abundance represented in the lives of low-earning artists and activists. LisaRuth published an account of the aftermath of her eviction “Uprooting: A Loss of Home” on her blog SFUrbanWanderer.

LisaRuth was an essential collaborator in the making of the Campfire: Eviction Community Stories documentary series, as co-director of Shaping San Francisco.

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