Campfire: Zeph Fishlyn

Zeph works as a cultural activist at the intersections of art, social justice, and the transgressive body. Since 2011, Zeph has helped move 35 friends due to eviction and has focused on creative direct action responding to the economic crisis and displacement. Zeph was evicted in 2012 along with 16 artists from the Million Fishes Collective, which used to stand at Bryant and 23rd. The spiritless office space that now inhabits the former collective space sits directly across from the infamous Local’s Corner, which in 2013 denied service to lifelong Mission homegirl and community organizer Sandy Cuadra.

Zeph moved to the Mission from Montreal, Canada in 1988, drawn by the vibrant radical dyke scene thriving in San Francisco at the time. They have worn many hats in the SF Bay Area’s queer, punk, and DIY scenes since then. From 2007-2010 Zeph worked as a researcher, illustrator and storyteller with the Beehive Design Collective’s “True Cost of Coal” campaign, an intricate portable mural and workshop developed in collaboration with Appalachian grassroots organizations that has traveled to hundreds of cities in the US and internationally. Zeph also served as a set designer for “Gold Fish: the Musical” (a campy queer musical about California water politics, still in post-production), and co-Art Director for “Maggots and Men”, an experimental film twisting the Russian Revolution to queer ends. Stay Zephrocious by visiting their website.

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