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Campfire: Zeph Fishlyn

Zeph works as a cultural activist at the intersections of art, social justice, and the transgressive body. Since 2011, Zeph has helped move 35 friends due to eviction and has focused on creative direct action responding to the economic crisis and displacement. Zeph was evicted in 2012 along with 16 artists from the Million Fishes Read More

Campfire: Polo Gonzalez (with mom Ana Gutierrez represented)

Polo, his mom Ana Gutierrez, and his youngest brother Ruben received an Ellis Act Eviction in 2012 to leave their Lucky Street home in the Mission District, which has been the family dwelling for 34 years. Polo is the eldest son of the family of five children. As a young man, being the eldest son Read More

Campfire: Sarah Brandt (with Mary Phillips represented)

Sarah Brandt is a public school teacher, born and raised in San Francisco, who has lived at her current address for 15 years. She is currently being Ellis Act evicted from her Mission District apartment by the infamous Urban Green, now known around town as Urban Greed. When Sarah is not teaching teens to resist Read More

Campfire: Donna Saffioti-Johnson

Donna, her husband Robert “Jawara” Johnson, and the family dogs Xochitl (age 4) and DJ (age 2 and ½) were served with Ellis Act eviction papers in 2012, and forced out of their 73-B Pearl Street apartment in San Francisco by serial evictors Kwok Chung Wong and Har Kwan Luk.  Since 2003, this company has Read More

Campfire: Lauren Montana Swiger

Lauren Montana Swiger is an activist, musician, and community member who was evicted from the Mission, along with her teenage daughter. It was an Owner-Move-In eviction, one of three kinds of no-fault evictions displacing San Franciscan families and communities. Montana and her daughter were forced to relocate to Berkeley. It’s pretty there, but they mourn Read More

La Llorona: A Public Lamentation on Ellis Act Eviction (Video)

Over the last three decades, several waves of tech booms and housing bubbles have eroded the character of this multi-racial, predominantly Latino, working class neighborhood. As lower income workers are pushed out of their homes by the shenanigans of private property markets catering to high earning professionals, the cultural diversity of the Mission is supplanted Read More

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