Doña Gavi: La Madrina de Curling México/ Ms. Gavi: Godmother of México Curling

Curling Chronicles. Guadalajara, Jal. Sept. 1, 2022. I went to visit Doña Gavi, Mexico’s curling super fan. Gavi is not only a remarkable human being, but also probably the most knowledgeable curling fan in the entire country. She’s amazing. She should be hired as the ‘Cheryl Bernard’ of Mexican curling announcers. She should be teaching strategy to the kids. She knows all the teams, all the inside stories, and she’s wonderfully charismatic.

To me, Gavi is like the godmother (madrina) of Mexican curling. On the phone she told me, “I have a surprise for you. When are you coming? You’re not going to believe what it is!” Gavi placed two of her treasured items in my appreciative hands, as she downsizes to her new living space. She gave me her two Courtney jerseys, autographed by Team Homan (Homan, Miskew, Courtney, Weagle– it’s quite the collector’s item!) and one of those also signed by the great Cheryl Bernard. I’m so inspired and moved! Who isn’t inspired by the work and play ethic of Joanne Courtney?! I’ll have to step up my workout to fit in the jersey, figuratively and literally.

Gavi gifts me her treasures. Sept. 1. 2022

I asked Gavi to recount again the amazing adventure that Canadian fans, athletes and TSN set up for her at the 2016 Continental Cup and then the 2017 World’s Men’s in Edmonton. (I had something in my eye as she told the story…)

Author unknown to me. Image of Gabriela Fernandez at the 2016 Continental Cup, rephotographed from her scrapbook.

We agreed to text each other while watching the big games. ¡Gracias, Gavi! ¡La madrina del curling mexicano!

Gavi’s niece helped make her a sign for her door at the assisted living facility where she lives, with her name and curling rocks and brooms.